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Special Offer with 10% discount 

3 x FitLine® Omega3 + E

Price 78,30 € instead of 87,00 € !
You save 8,70 € !
Special Offer with 10 % discount 

LAURENT CRISTANEL® PREMIUM Skin Cream and Shower-Peeling-Gel

Set Price 60,12 €
instead of 66,80 € !
You save 6,68 € !
Save immediately - 10% direct customer discount! 

With immediate effect, all the customers who purchase directly from PM-International will gain a 10% discount on all products under the trade names FitLine® and LAURENT CRISTANEL® Paris
The new Generation in Weight-Management 

FitLine® Premium Slim Solution

FitLine® Q10 PLUS Emusol - New with NanoSolve® Technology 
How do Q10 and vitamin E support us in protecting the cells against oxidative stress and in increasing performance? 
FitLine® Omega 3 + E - New with NanoSolve® Technology 

The problem: we eat to much fat, but to little of the right fat. 
FitLine® Optimal Set (All-Day-Pack) 
The Basis everybody needs!

incl. a thirty-day supply of each of the following: Activize OXYPLUS (to be taken in the mornings), Basics® BIO PLUS (at noon) and Restorate (for the evenings)

NanoSolve® Technology 

The most natural and effective way to micellize  
NEW - FitLine® Restorate Additive 
FitLine® Restorate® "alkaline" Additive was specially developed as an additive for FitLine® Restorate to support the body's ratio of acids to alkalines with additional alkaline minerals and trace elements during periods of particular strain.
FitLine® ALL-IN-1000 PLUS 
Patent now Pending!

In further developing our ALL-IN-1000 yogurt and applying for a patent, our goal was to secure the product's exclusivity and uniqueness on the market.  

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